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  • This application is submitted by applicant(s) and accepted by the owner of the subject premises (called Landlord as follows) for processing upon the following terms and conditions:

    1. This application is not a Landlord’s Agreement to Lease.

    2. Applicant(s) shall deposit the sum of one month’s rent when applicant applies. Deposit is payable in one check. This deposit shall be returned to applicant(s) if the application is not accepted (The $25 fee is a non-refundable credit report processing fee If the application is accepted, the deposit shall be retained and applied as the security deposit upon execution and delivery of a written lease agreement.

    3. A $25 handling fee is required for all applications. When additional applicant(s) is (are) going to join the joint group or replace some applicant after the lease is signed, each additional alteration is required to pay $100 alteration fee on top of other fees applicable. If several additional applications are made at the same time, only one $100 alteration fee is required. The handling fee and alteration fee are non-refundable.

    4. Applicant(s) acknowledges that in processing this application, Landlord has the right to make personal and credit inquiries of individuals and companies concerning applicant(s) character, creditworthiness, general reputation, personal characteristics and the mode of living. Applicants agree to furnish all the pertinent information and any additional information within 3 days or as Landlord reasonably specifies at the time of request. Otherwise, the application will be canceled, and a $25.00/ applicant processing fee will be retained by Landlord.

    5. Landlord shall not be liable to applicant(s) for refusal to accept this application to lease. Applicant acknowledges that Landlord, its agents and employees have made no written or oral representation whatsoever that this application would be accepted or that Applicant would be given a lease agreement for any dwelling unit. This deposit does not guarantee you an apartment at this time.

    6. Applicant(s) understand that, upon submitting application forms and the deposit, each applicant will be considered seriously committed. If Landlord disapproves the application, the deposit will be refunded to applicants in full. If application is approved, applicants shall be notified, and a written lease agreement will be prepared. Should Applicants withdraw, the deposit should be forfeited and retained by Landlord as the remedy to the withdrawal. Upon notification and the date of signing the lease is scheduled, Applicant(s) shall have 24 hours to execute and sign the lease. If applicants fail to sign the lease within 24 hours of the scheduled date, the application will be considered withdrawn by Applicants. Consequentially, the lease proposal shall be automatically canceled, and the full deposit will be retained by Landlord. After the lease is executed, Applicant(s) shall have 10 days to complete and return every mandatory parental co signature to Landlord. Otherwise, the lease should be terminated at Landlord’s choice and the deposit will be retained by Landlord. Applicant(s) acknowledges that failure to execute and deliver the written lease agreement with parental co signatures within the prescribed time may be grounds for termination of Landlord’s offer to lease. This time limit shall apply to all leases and Landlord shall not be obligated to enter any lease agreement which is not delivered within this time limit.

  • Applicant(s)’ Acknowledgment of Responsibility

  • I understand and acknowledge that once I execute a lease agreement with the Landlord, even prior to commencement of the lease term contained in the lease agreement, if I attempt to cancel or withdraw from the lease or if I fail or refuse to execute any additional required addenda or to obtain any required signatures for co-signers or guarantors, Landlord, in his sole discretion, may choose to re-rent the premises to someone else and my security deposit will be forfeited to Landlord. I also understand and agree that regardless of whether Landlord is able to re-rent the premises to another party at whatever rental rate, I shall remain liable for the full monthly rental charges minus any amounts that Landlord is able to obtain from any alternate tenant or sub-tenant. I will also remain liable for any and all other charges that are due under the terms and conditions of my lease agreement. I also agree that the lease that I will be signing is a JOINT AND SEVERAL LEASE. This means that all of the tenants as a group and each of the tenants as an individual are responsible to the Landlord for all of the agreements of this lease including but not limited to the care and condition of the premises and any damages thereto. Landlord can sue all of the tenants (jointly) or Landlord can bring a suit against any one tenant separately (severally) for all of the unpaid rent and for any damages to the property or for any other charges due under the terms of my lease agreement.


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