PSU Houses

One single lump sum for the full amount is due when applying. Spaces are limited so please call the office to check for availability in your desired location.
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1.) No spot is available for vehicles over 6 feet wide and/or 14 feet long.

2.) Removal of trespassers: Licensor’s agent assumes no responsibility for removal of trespassers who may park unauthorized vehicles in the space designated for the use by Licensee. Please be reminded that you may be towed if you park in any other space other than your designated spot.

3.) Damage to vehicle: Licensee must carry insurance on the vehicle. Licensor is not responsible for vandalism or damage to the vehicle, nor obligated to refund any part of the parking fee or to invalidate the parking agreement.

4.) Licensee to abide by rules of Licensor: Licensee shall abide by all rules and regulations currently in effect for the designated parking area.

5.) Licensee’s obligation to update information: Licensee should immediately provide Licensor with any change of address, phone numbers, license plate number, vehicle and any above requested information. Failure to do so will result in Licensee being responsible for any consequence of not updating information.

6.) Agreement creates license only: This parking agreement is intended to create a license only granting the Licensee the right to use the designated parking space. No landlord-tenant relationship is intended.

7.) Termination of agreement: If Licensee shall breach the agreement, then after notice, Licensor may terminate this agreement and refund to Licensee any accrued fees. Upon termination of this agreement because of Licensee’s breach, Licensee shall not have the right to use the designated space or area and shall be treated as a trespasser thereafter.

8.) Notice: Any notice required by this parking agreement shall be sufficient if sent to the registered address of the Licensee or if left upon the unregistered vehicle of Licensee while it occupies the designated space or area. Or if emailed to email address given.

9.) Subletting: Is permitted. The person who sublets the spot is held to all terms of this agreement.

10.) Identification of Vehicle: Licensee shall register one vehicle with Licensor’s agent and shall abide by all registration and identification requirements that may be imposed from time to time by Licensor’s agent to control use of the parking facilities.

11.) Reservation of the right to remove unregistered vehicle: Although it is not obligated to do so, at request of Licensee, Licensor’s agent shall have the right to remove any unregistered vehicle from the designated space.

12.) Receipt of Rules and Regulations: By executing this parking agreement, Licensee acknowledges receipt of the rules and regulations applicable to the designated parking space.

13.) Binding Effect: This agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and the successors and assigns, except as limited herein.

14.) Snow Removal: Only the right of way will be plowed in the parking lots. Licensee is responsible for removing snow around his or her vehicle.

15.) Miscellaneous Responsibilities: Licensor is NOT responsible for any liability, injury, theft, security, vandalism, weather inclemency, ice melting, any obstruction, inaccessibility or inconvenience caused upon Licensee not by Licensor or beyond Licensor’s control.

16.) No Littering: Licensee will not litter in the assigned parking lot. Licensee’s vehicle should not carry hazardous material, refuse or any substance affecting the environment, leak, dump or discharge any kind of trash, waste or any substances, vehicle fluids into or around the parking lot. Changing engine or transmission oil, leaving oil or grease container on the lots or on the grass is prohibited.

17.) Parking Etiquette: If Licensee parks between spots or does not fully park into his or her spot, or if the vehicle obstructs access to the parking lot, the vehicle will be towed at Licensee’s expense.

18.) Service Suspension: Licensor reserves the right to temporarily vacate the lots for necessary services such as maintenance, repairs, construction, demolishing, etc.

19.) Returned Checks: A $50 service fee will be levied on all checks returned.