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518 Locust Lane | $1,300

518 Locust Lane

State College, PA 16801

518 Locust Lane has a row of garages and outdoor spaces. The property is nestled between Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta Sigma Phi fraternities. At the back of the property is Berry Alley which is where the parking is accessed. The garage space lease includes use of the garage and the outdoor space directly behind it. So, two people can share the cost of the space. The garages rent for $1,300 for the year. This property is centrally located to downtown and all of it’s amenities. (2 single outdoor spaces are also available at this location for $1,300/year each).

We have parking available on site at all of our properties. This parking is available for rent to our tenants and also to others in need of parking. Our parking lots are located just steps away from West Campus and offer a convenient solution for those in need of parking anywhere near the intersection of College and Atherton. If you need a location near The Met, the IST building, The Graduate, West Side Village or anywhere on the West side of town, we have a space for you.

Spaces rent on a 12 month lease from August to August. Payment for parking is due upfront in a lump sum payment for the entire year when applying. Our spaces are an affordable alternative the higher priced lots just a few blocks away downtown.

Don't miss out on parking for rent in State College, PA that's close to everything!

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