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Maintenance Requests

Please fill out the form below for a maintenance request.

If you have a maintenance emergency, please call the office at 814-238-6656

We love to fix up our houses to make them better. We also understand that accidents happen and occasionally things break. Please call us when repairs are needed and we’ll take care of them as soon as possible.


When repairs are needed due to old age or other house malfunctions, of course there is no charge. However, broken windows, clogged drains due to feminine products being flushed, jammed garbage disposals due to beer caps or broken glass, holes in the walls and doors, telling us your fridge was broken and it was just a burnt out appliance bulb, flooding your apartment because you hung clothes from the sprinkler head, breaking into our basement to have a beer pong tournament and lighting your house on fire while smoking on a padded couch on your porch, we’re going to send you a bill for those types of things.


For routine issues please fill out the maintenance request form below or call the office. Please fill in all areas on the form just in case our maintenance staff needs to contact you. We try to resolve all maintenance problems within 48 hours. During turnover please be patient with non-emergency requests. We are usually very busy at this time and it may take us longer than usual to address your issue.

Please call 814-238-6656 immediately if you have a maintenance emergency.

Maintenance Emergencies:

  • Water Leaks
  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Sewer Back-up
  • No Heat

If you are experiencing a sewer back-up you should immediately stop running water in the house. This includes dishwashers, toilets, showers and sinks. Call the office immediately. (814)-238-6656. We will send Roto-Rooter to your home to unclog your sewer line.


If we find that the sewer clog is the result of the tenant flushing feminine products or other items down the drain, you will be charged for the service call.

In the event your furnace stops working please contact our office immediately. Do not wait all day long to call. Our heating company would rather fix your furnace during normal business hours. If you realize your furnace is inoperative after 10:00 p.m. our heating company will not be able to help you until the next morning.


During the cold months your furnace must be kept above 60 degrees. Do not turn the furnace off when you go to school. Do not turn the furnace off when you go home for break. If PSU Houses finds your furnace off during freezing temperatures, we will fine you $150.00. If your pipes freeze because the furnace has been turned off you will be charged for the damage that results. It’s seriously expensive.

Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

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